Unity 3.3

Cutting-edge game development application

If you've got the expertise to create high-end games, then Unity is a powerful application to help you design them. View full description


  • Suitable for 3D gaming
  • Very powerful development tools
  • Create standalone games and widgets


  • Complex for beginners

Very good

If you've got the expertise to create high-end games, then Unity is a powerful application to help you design them.

Unity sports a stylish GUI and is strictly for professionals in high-end game design. It features state-of-the-art game design tools such as extensible graphics, particle effects, highly optimized scripting and something called the Ageia physX Engine. In addition, you'll get skinned character animation and even tools for making standalone games for Mac and Windows (plus Dashboard Widgets and web-plugins).

3D gaming is also included allowing you to create dazzling effects courtesy of highly optimized JavaScript. Although Unity is a very complicated application, you might be surprised by how much you can do without much prior knowledge. A little but of trial and error can quickly get you hooked although to get serious, you'll need to study it for a long time.

Unity is a very powerful 3D gaming development tool that can produce stunning results in the right hands.


  • Version 3.1.0f3:
  • This release introduces the Asset Store for developers to buy and sell resources.
  • It also adds fixes for iOS and Android targets, a Terrain Engine fix for Unity 2.x Soft Vegetation tree shaders (which had lighting upside down),
  • Changes to make code sharing via DLLs easier,
  • A scripting function to flush the internal renderstate cache, and more.

Unlike any other game system, Unity was designed from the start to ease editing. This is not a game engine with an editor bolted on. It is a fully integrated production environment that just happens to have the most powerful engine this side of a million dollars.

Imagine if the world's greatest painters had to paint their work blindfolded, only to look at the painting once a day. This is how game developers have worked so far. No more. With Unity, you just hit the play button to test your work straight away. You can modify your world while the game is running. Get an idea, test it, get another. Rinse and repeat.

When your game is ready to ship, or when you want to make a demo to send to your friends, just select Build Game. All the files are assembled into one standalone program - ready for burning on a CD or sending in an email. For Mac, Windows, or the Web. Or as a Dashboard Widget!



Unity 3.3